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Please call before your visit to make sure we are home. Peak season is May with good bloom April through June and some bloom until late Fall.

Johnson Daylily Garden is located in west central Florida 50 miles north of Tampa, 65 miles west of Orlando, and 60 miles south of Ocala. Brooksville is a pre-Civil War town built on high hills shaded by tall pines and stately live oaks about 12 miles west of I-75 which runs down the west side of Florida. Visitors usually take I-75 to the Brooksville exit which is State Road 50. Go west on SR 50 about 12 miles and then follow the map below. Visitors from Orlando area take SR 50 west. Many people reserve extra time to visit a local attraction, the Christmas House, a cluster of five quaint homes converted into unique gift shops.


In old downtown Brooksville turn north on Main St
at the courthouse. Main becomes Howell in a few blocks.

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Johnson Daylily Garden
Jeff & Linda Johnson
70 Lark Ave.
Brooksville, FL 34601-1319
(352) 544-0330 (phone)
(352) 942 7314 (cell)


Bluebirds love our property. They gobble up insects when hatching chicks. They nest two to three times a year here. We provide the clean nest boxes and a fresh supply of water. Dad does most of the feeding.

Free wood chips from tree trimming trucks are spread around the garden to kill slugs. It works here. A deep mulch of leaves is spread around the daylilies to reduce weds and act as a sort of slow release fertilizer. We use a slow release fertilzer in the Fall and when Spring growth is in full swing. Nothing fancy or expensive, whatever Home Depot or Lowes has on sale.

We know it is Spring and the last freezes are behind us when the Red Winged Blackbirds migrate through our property. They have a distinctive call. Usually that is around the last full moon in February. Sometimes the birds get it wrong!

We also sell bamboo to Florida customers so they can block off an unwanted view. They generally use the clumping type of bamboo which does not spread around the property. Safe. Twenty five different species of bamboo are on our property, most are the clumping type. Birds love roost in the bamboo every night and to escape high winds, predators and built nests. With all those birds it becomes self fertilizing.
To learn more about bamboo and see pretty pictures, visit our website at

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